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LIVE Webcast - USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships 2013

Published by
USATF.TV   Jul 28th 2013, 9:53am

 Thanks for watching the


 2013 USATF National Junior Olympic T&F Champs Live webcast!

The 2013 USATF National Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships will be broadcast free of charge from Irwin Belk Track at the University of North Carolina A&T July 22-28 on USATF.tv. Full broadcast details below.

Event Website | Schedule

Broadcast Schedule | Results (Times are Eastern)

7/22 - USATF.tv On Demand only
7/23 - USATF.tv On Demand only, Opening Ceremonies live at 7:00 PM
7/24 - USATF.tv LIVE @ 8:00 AM
7/25 - USATF.tv LIVE @ 8:00 AM
7/26 - USATF.tv LIVE @ 8:00 AM
7/27 - USATF.tv LIVE @ 8:00 AM
7/28 - USATF.tv LIVE @ 8:00 AM

Schedule subject to change.

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103 comment(s)
Kynnedi Brown
can you post 15-16 girls shotput kynnedi brown
HG Distribution

Can you post the video of the 7-8 Girls Long Jump finals or Sydney Harris's Recorded breaking jump?
Thanks for posting the videos! They are great! I was hoping you might be able to post the Boys 17-18 4x800 Heat 2 video. We found the heat 1 video but no heat 2. Thanks!!
Thanks! Hopefully that's the last one we missed. We are processing it now and it will be posted here - http://www.usatf.tv/...=1569&year=2013 shortly.
G. Ruley
Thanks for uploading all the great footage and your hard work!

Would you mind checking the video for the 13-14 girls 3000m Racewalk heat 1? It has not been available this week.

Thanks again!
Thanks, should be fixed now.
Hi guys, just wanted to post an update to say that all the races from the whole week were finished uploading on Sunday night, but let us know if any of them are missing and we will fix them asap. As for the field events, we were focusing on filming and posting the best of the best field events each day, but after hearing you guys input we expanded that coverage to post 100s more field event videos than ever before (over 400!)! We will finish uploading all the field event videos we have by tomorrow afternoon (July 31) and they will be located in the folders to the left. Despite this year's record for filming field events, I know we still missed many great attempts and athletes, sorry if we missed something important to you. Hope everyone enjoyed the week's coverage, we are already looking forward to next year!
Can you check on the videos for girls and boys 11 - 12 4 X 400 relay finals. Can't seem to find them.
They are in the 4x400 folder to the left, about 10 videos down from the top. Here is a link to the 4x400 folder - http://www.usatf.tv/...=1568&year=2013
Alexis Jones;13-14 Girls finals in three events; now that's putting in work...Good showing
Thank you for making these videos available for family and friends not able to attend to see! I'm having issues viewing videos today; have you received any feedback on viewing issues from any oyster followers? Thanks again for sharing these videos!
Thank you for all the great videos! Will you be posting the 9-10 boys high jump? Thanks
Please post the 17-18 young women's high jump from Saturday morning.
Please post the 11-12 girls long jump
T-Dub - appreciate your assistance and it did work out. TEam that ranked 6th in prelims finished 5th overall and boys had their national dream come true. Thanks for your support!
The USATF.TV feature was awesome. My only suggestions is that you try to get a glimpse of each child on a relay. Or attempt with multiple cameras try to get each child. It is difficult to miss a major meet in support of your child and this feature allows you to be closer. My child participated in three events and I did not see her run one time. The focus was on the top two finishers and then the banner of results would go up not allowing you to see your child. I do understand with over 8000 participants it will be difficult. Nice shout out to Fort Bliss.
The Boys 11-12 100M was not working and now I can't find it. Will you please see what you can do to get it working?
That has been reprocessed and is in the 100 folder.
hello, can you please add the 4x100 7-8 yr old girls final...thank you
Was put in the wrong folder, it should be in the 4x100 folder now.
By the way, video guys - I forgot to mention a big THANK YOU for providing the public with free videos. All we need is the video of the race that I mentioned before.
Thank you very much! Here is the video you are looking for - http://www.usatf.tv/...&video_id=97907
John Kehoe
Hey web tv guy.....great coverage! Can you pan out to Discus now and then.
We have tons of Jav and Disc being posted on-demand since it was behind the stadium, hope we got your Daughter.
Where is the video of the girls 9-10 400m, semi-finals heat 1 that took place on
Saturday morning at the 11 0"clock hour schedule? My niece Noelle Foss ran that race and I would like to see it. Please upload it soon so that her relatives who missed the live race can view it.
It was posted yesterday, it's in the 400 folder to the left. Here is a direct link to that race - http://www.usatf.tv/...&video_id=97907
John Kehoe
Sarah Kehoe - Discus - Representing Charleston, West Virginia! Go Sarah!!
I love my LA Jets.. Good job ladies you made Los Angeles California proud... Keep bringing them medals home....
la jets auntie here...i am so proud of them all!!!!
Seriously disappointed in the appeal system. Have watched this video over and over concerning the Boys 4x4 9-10 and the judge was sadly mistaken. It's sad when adults do not admit they are wrong trying to save face especially when it hurts the little ones. Greenville Jets, you worked hard all year and performed great!! Great Job!!
What is the purpose for a Protest if its designed for you to lose. USATF rules need to be revamped. Watch the video.
they ran today.. guess the protest worked out :)
Greenville Jets 9-10 boys 4x400 Relay team was Disqualified for breaking early. The boys would have finished 6th place overall. The judge clearly made a big error. This error cost the boys a medal. The video shows that the judge made a bad call.
coach youngt
We are focusing on the field event finals and have already posted a few hundred field event videos (which is a record for this event!). We have posted most of the videos already, but will make sure to have all the rest up asap as they finish.
Flippen Flyers
That's what's up!!! Sweet!!!
Thanks for listening.
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