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2013 LIVE Webcast of the World Youth Trials and USA Youth Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Published by
USATF.TV   Jun 30th 2013, 10:12am

 Thanks for watching the


 2013 USA Youth Outdoor T&F Champs Live webcast!

2013 LIVE Webcast of the World Youth Trials and USA Youth Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Live Results: World Youth Trials / USA Youth Outdoor Track and Field Championships

Scheduled Start Times (all times CT)
Tue June 25 - 7:30am | Wed June 26 - 7:00am | Thur June 27 - 8:00am | Fri June 28 - 8:00am | Sat June 29 - 8:00am | Sun June 30 - 8:00am
Sunday June 30th will have a rolling schedule for both track events and field events.
Both Track & Field events will start at 8 am and we will roll through the scheduled events without stopping.
Track events as follows:
1. 4x100 finals all ages
2. 800 meters starting with youth
3. 100 meters all ages
Then we will follow the rest of Sundays schedule as planned
All field events should report at 8 am
Click here for a complete schedule

#ShowUsYourWings Take It. Tag It. Track It.

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22 comment(s)
I only see the 100m race from yesterdays decathlon up. Will the 400m be posted?
Thanks to everyone for watching. Hope everyone enjoyed the coverage of this year's World Youth Trials and USA Youth Outdoor Track and Field Championships!
Will there be any more interviews with the first place finishers: 15-16 girls shot Kahyla Dawson and 17-18 young men long jump Aaron Tindall?
We are getting a few interviews each day, mostly record breakers. Don't know if those two were interviewed, but check the interview folder later tonight to see.
Does every event get taped and put into archives? They never showed any of the 17-18 boy High Jump competition.
All running events are tapped as part of the webcast, we are trying to get a few of the best field events as well, but those are limited. We'll have everything up today, so check the folders to the side to see if we happened to get the athletes you are looking for.
I don't see a video of Heat 2 (the fast heat) of the Boys 13-14 3000m that was run yesterday. Will you be posting it?
That one should be up later today, thanks.
That race is posted now
Thanks - I see it now. Great coverage of the meet overall, although I wish the camera had shown all of the finishers from the side crossing the line, rather than switching to follow runners after they finished and were walking off. Several of the top placing runners in this race weren't really shown finishing.
Can anyone tell me if they will be showing any of the 17-18 boys High Jump on the webcast? Its going on right now. Thanks
Today is extra tight because of the weather yesterday (they added about 2 hours of track races to today's schedule), so the field events will unfortunately be seen less today.
Chris Nickinson
Weather delay at USA Youth Championships. We'll have an update soon.
Absolutely wonderful coverage!!! Thank you for providing!
Thank you for the comment!
Did you tape any of the boys 13-14 high jump yesterday? No individual HJ seems to have been captured. Found the multi's only
Great job guys...last jump, he nailed it and we got a chance to see it !
Thank you!
Any chance of getting an on-air interview with our Girls PV champion Summerset after her final attempt?
This is just awesome coverage by the RS crew and USATF.TV - Years from now, these races will have been a preview of our future Olympians and World Champions.
You did not post the 17-18 boys 200m heat 6,and it looks like you posted the 17-18 boys heat 5 twice.
I can see it, here is a direct link - http://www.usatf.tv/...&video_id=95038
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