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LIVE Webcast - .US National Road Racing Championship 2013

Published by
USATF.TV   on Nov 15 2013, 05:34 PM

 Thanks for watching the


 2013 .US National Road Racing Champs Live webcast!



The .US National Road Racing Championships are set to be broadcast live on Sunday, Nov. 17, starting at 7 a.m. Eastern. The broadcast will be made available, free of charge at USATF.tv.  The webcast features a complex technological feed that will bring the race to USATF’s online platform with a first-rate broadcast team and TV-style graphics. Fan favorites Tim Hutchings and Carrie Tollefson will provide commentary from Alexandria for the 12 km races on USATF.tv. 

Live text updates will also be posted during the races in the comments below.

Women's Preview - Men's Preview - Results - Live Results

7:00 a.m. Broadcast Begins
7:15 a.m. 12 km Women's Championships Race Start
7:25 a.m. 12 km Men's Championships & Community Race Start

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41 comment(s)  
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Braun wins in 34:27
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps teg reappears, #usarc title on the line
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps seven miles in 32:25 Baun with 50m lead
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Braun looks like he will hold on for the win, Biwott in second should secure #usarc title, Teg not in sight
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps unofficial world best 37:52 for Molly Huddle
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Braun has broken the field 4:34 mile, 27:47 at 6 miles 10 km in 28:46 Biwott takes over second Pennel in 3rd
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Abdi just fell coming around corner on the bridge
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Braun, Pennel, Biwott and Landry are top four. Ritchie in fitth
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps men's leaders are single file, Abdi dropping
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps 4:35, 23:12 at five miles Braun stringing out the field with Biwott and Pennel trying to go
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps teg is falling off the pack, big for USARC title chase
Shalane and Molly, no inches given. 5:08 through mile 6, 30:34 total time.
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps at the turnaround Braun, Biwott and Abdi throw in another surge
What exactly is the American Record for the women?
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps 18:37 at four miles, not much change in the pack. Still Braun and Abdi and now Biwott
Average mile pace has these ladies finishing in 37:53. If they continue at their 5th mile pace, it's 38:14. Both under AR pace.
5:07 for Huddle and Flanagan for 5th mile coming through in 25:26.
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps men's lead car passed women going opposite direction, leaders have 700m lead on chasers
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Solinsky is falling off the pack
Deena Kastor is on hand and her American Record is in serious jeopardy. 5 miles coming up.
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps 14:00 at 3 miles, 14:29 at 5k Abdi, Llano, Braun lead a pack of 12.
Molly Huddle looks extremely smooth to me...can she kick with Shalane if needed?
Chris Nickinson
#dotuschamps Abdi and Braun have swapped leads, forcing pace. Pack not letting them go
20:19 through 4 miles. Molly and Shalane are blowing away the field!
The ladies are flying...this is a great feed as well.
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