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Womens 3000m - USA Indoor Track and Field Championships 2014

Published by
USATF.TV   Feb 22nd 2014, 7:07pm
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4 comment(s)
Kids would insinuate she clipped more than one person. It is clear no contact was made with Rowbury, she stated this herself. Second Hassay moved out then moved in on Gabriele which is clear in the video causing the clipping to occur.
Sloppy run by Gabe. Why should she get a break at the expense of the kids she clipped? She needs to know she has responsibility. Run like you are a Sherman tank and be held accountable for your collisions. There's plenty of room to pass without bumping BOTH girls.
Clipped heel or not, why was Gabe pressing from the inside instead of running off Jordan's shoulder? Then when she did finally decide to go around, it was like Roller Derby. You can't be that oblivious at this level.
Pete Patterson
Here's the deal, you're running indoors where everything is tight, Hasay would not have placed 2nd regardless. Both runners stumbled when heel of Hasay and toe of Gabe clipped...this happens all the time; so what is the controversy here?.?.?. DQ, that is complete BS, let's go way back and DQ everyone who has ever clipped heels. There was no intent to impede here.
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